Terms and Conditions for Alborz Fitness
I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer (accredited on the Register of Exercise Professionals) holding the appropriate level of insurance.

Your Health
I strongly recommend that you seek medical advice before participating in an exercise programme. Participants who proceed without first doing so, do so at their own risk.
If you have an accident or sustain an injury during one of the classes you must inform me immediately.

Class Attendance
All class attendees must complete a health form before participating in a class.
All attendees must register at the start of the class, providing their full names and either payment or class pass.
The free taster session is permitted per person for one Alborz Fitness class only.
I may, at any time, ask you to leave the class if you are jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of others.

Bootcamp Venues
Bootcamp attendance purchased online on a pay-as-you-go basis can be used for any Alborz Fitness bootcamp.
I reserve the right to move the bootcamp to alternative locations if the advertised location becomes unsuitable, unsafe or unusable.

Bootcamp Timetable
I reserve the right to change the timetable including adding or removing classes. I will notify you of my intention to do this at classes, on the website and via email updates.
Classes may be cancelled without notice on the grounds of health and safety, at any time. You will not be entitled to a refund if the cancellation occurs after the session has commenced.

Class Passes
Bootcamp passes are non-refundable. You cannot lend your pass to another person. Your class pass is your responsibility and you must bring to each session.
Alborz Fitness reserves the right to cancel your class pass immediately if you:
– break Alborz Fitness Terms and Conditions
– put the safety and well-bring of me as the trainer, or other clients, at risk
engage in disruptive or violent behaviour.

Alborz Fitness is not legally responsible for any possessions that are lost, damaged or stolen before, during or after the session.

Bootcamp classes may be photographed for marketing purposes. Your participation in a session means that you consent to the photography that may be used for commercial purposes, without payment.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions
I may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. I will give you at least 30 days notice to inform you of any significant changes that may affect your bootcamp passes.