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Discover a new level of fitness with the InBody 970 at Alborz! This advanced body composition analyzer provides an incredibly accurate breakdown of your overall health to help you reach your goals. In just 2 minutes, the InBody can assess your muscle mass, fat levels, body water, and so much more. With this wealth of knowledge, you will have the insights you need to tweak your diet and training for optimal health and performance.
The InBody gives you unparalleled visibility into your body composition. It analyzes each arm and leg individually and shows precisely how much muscle and fat you are carrying in each area. You will see at a glance if you need to focus more on one side. It even reveals your visceral fat levels and bone density - information you cannot get anywhere else. This lets you and your trainer tailor a program to suit your unique needs.
Do not miss out on this cutting-edge tool to take your fitness to the next level. Book an InBody test today and unlock a new understanding of your body. For members, it is just £10, or £20 for non-members. Download the InBody app and come fasted for the most accurate results. With the InBody 970, you will have the insights, motivation, and personalized plan you need to become the best version of yourself!

Alborz Fitness

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We are a boutique gym located across from Raynes Park station, specializing in strength training and boxing classes. Our unique class model is tailored to optimize your fitness outcomes while cultivating new skills in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. Our certified trainers are dedicated to providing guidance and support, ensuring you reach your fitness goals effectively. Alongside our diverse range of boxing classes catering to various age groups, our gym aims to cater to the needs of the local community by offering a range of amenities.

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